Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hyacinth...Her Royal Majesty Cat

This gorgeous feline is my beloved cat Hyacinth. She is such a diva...her entire day is spent eating and sleeping...and i have terrible cat envy! Oh wouldn't it be nice just to lounge around all day...get up, eat a little something and then continue relaxing until someone sits on the couch...then get up, snuggle, get my ears rubbed and maybe eat something a little later.
We rescued Hyacinth from the local cat shelter about 3 years ago...can you imagine she went through 3 homes before we got her! See, she isn't exactly what you would call snuggly...matter of fact, she is down right grumpy, but the kids and I find that funny and endearing. It's just recently that she will actually come down to the main floor of the house when there are other people besides just me. She has trust issues for sure.
I like to say her larger size is due to her being a Maine Coon Cat..but it's not all that...she is lazy and not really motivated to play with cat toys. She likes to sleep on the small of my back at night and if you don't hear her coming, she can knock the breath out of you when she first gets into sleeping position (oooof!) She definatly has that "i'm so much superior to you" attitude that comes with being named Hyacinth (PBS reference...Keeping up Appearances....we love that show!)


  1. DIVA!! LURV LURV LURV the updated blog...
    As for Hyacinth Bouquet.... she is quite a gal. I see her handpainted periwinkle royal doulton cat food bowl... :-)

  2. i was feeling springy daaaaaaling! yeah, Hyacinth is a hoot...and passed out on my lap, i'm loosing sensation in my feet...lack of blood flow.