Thursday, March 11, 2010

Pokey the wonder pony and the boy who loves him.

This is about my son Gavin and his pony Pokey...two peas in a pod to be sure! Pokey is a mischevious little pony who rarely listens to anyone and doesn't exactly follow directions well...unless you are his boy and it's your weekly lesson with him...oh and of course you know there will be carrots at the end!
Gavin is a mischevious little boy who selectivly listens and sometimes follows directions. He has his own agenda which usually doesn't flow with everyone elses, he has a hard time focusing...unless he is on the back of his pony and it's his weekly lesson with him....oh and of course you know there will be french fries at the end!
Pokey came into our lives quite by accident. Gavin is autistic and epileptic. it was suggested to us we try horseback riding to improve his balance...his teacher invited us down to where she boarded her horse for a trial ride to see if he would like it. Was i betcha, i couldn't imagine he would like it as he didn't show much interest in things outside of cars and fire trucks...color me wrong. Of course is wasn't pokey we rode that day..but he was there in the paddock just staring us down with those big brown eyes. he watched Gavin like a hawk, not moving, just standing there...this is something unsual for Pokey as we suspect he has horse adhd (LOL) and cannot be still for a minute.
So we signed on...and met Pokey, and fell in love. Gavin and Pokey are best friends. Pokey often tries to push the adults out of the way and just play with his boy...he nuzzles Gavin's neck and is so super gentle around him (again, Pokey's usual demenor is much like a bull in a china shop) Pokey stands so still while Gavin grooms him and gets him ready to ride, and will often only listen to Gavin's command to "trot" and ignore the instructor. if Gavin gets distracted by something while leading him Pokey will often give him a "poke" in the butt with his nose to get him going..i've even see little Pokey put his body between Gavin and another LARGE horse as if to say..."watch out for my kid".
of course Pokey is a typical pony, a complete pain in the arse for anyone else...he nips my legs and often tries to push me into the side of the barn while i'm running alongside..and then there was the infamous "pool splashing sound" freak out when he came down on my foot (owie owie owie) and most times Gavin is right there with him giggling at the craziness that is Pokey. Sigh...little imps both of them :) xxxooo to Gavin and a xxoo to Pokey too...see you on Weds, we will bring the carrots!

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