Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Gentlemen...start your engines...and watch out for the Diva-Mobile!

Oh it's that time of the year! Pinewood Derby time! Now, if you don't currently own a cub scout you haven't a clue as to what i am talking about..but if you have one in your house you might notice a fine layer of sawdust all over the kitchen counter and talk of weights, graphite lube and paint colors being discussed.
Not only do i have a cub scout of my very own...i'm also the little boogers den mom...a title i wear proudly every Monday night from 6pm to 7pm! So this year not only am i helping my furture little Jimmy Johnson with his car but i am also making my own! yes they are having a parents race and it's a swell idea really, see some parents have a tendency to take over the building of the car..when really to make things fair it should be made by the boys, this way if they have their own race, they can build their own car and beat the pants off other parents. Sooooo that being said, i'm up against a bunch of Dads. This means (as far as i'm concerned) my car has to be the most over the top girly, sparkly, most Diva-like car there is...'cause nothing says fun like having a flashy high octaine looking block of wood get beaten by some pink boa lined beauty! right? right? of course!
Cody of course (that would be the scout of my owning) is taking his car very seriously and has decided to paint it silver with flames on the sides. i am being sent to the craft store TODAY to purchase the necessary painting equipment/weights/and decals for this undertaking. Last night he sandpapered until his car was as smooth as a baby's bottom.
I'm taking suggestions for my car decorating....all are welcome and will be taken into consideration....but i'm thinking tacky here folks....it's not about winning you know, but how fabulous you look crossing the finish line!

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