Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm so pale, i make the Twillight Vampires look like they just came off a Tropical Vacation!

Because the weather has turrned for the better and the sun is shining and it looks like the temps may creep up near 70 today (can i get a yippee!!) i decided to go through the summer clothes, and try on the shorts from last year...just for fun. Low and behold the suckers still fit! HOWEVER, the light reflecting off my pale and quite ghost like legs nearly blinded me and left me with spots before my eyes. I imagine the cat was laughing at my stumbling stupor as I quickly tried to pull the jeans back off to stop the disco globe like effect of light that was bedazzling around my bathroom. Sigh, don't even suggest bronzer as it leaves me orange and looking like an oompa-loompa, i've tried them all. I suppose i can console myself with the fact that i do have good skin, although pale the women in my family do age well. So i'll slather on some SPF 2,000 and try to keep from sparkling outside while outside today doing some yard work and just enjoying the warmth!

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