Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i'm very very busy and i've got alot to do and i haven't but a minute to explain it all to you

Looky oh just looky at what came in the mail for me.....just me!! i don't have to share it with anyone at all....sometimes it pays to be a stalker as i was the 500th visitor to my cousin's blog (not to shabby there Dawn) and she sent me a present...i have been dying to try felting and as soon as i finish the 20 other projects i started i'm on this!

I have this song from the CD Philadephia Chickens running though my head about being very's hysterical but suddenly my life is mimicking it! OY!

I have swaps to put together, gardens to plan out, chicks to prepare for, laundry to do, kids to run to horseback riding, dance, music concerts to attend and lets not even discuss dinner making (do they really need to eat? ) and of course i am working all the while. off to play in kindergarten today :) wonder what i will learn?!!?

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