Friday, March 19, 2010

Hi my name is Nicole (hi nicole) and well.... I like gnomes.

I successfully horrified my teenager yet again! I'm getting rather good at it really. At this point I think I have managed to guarantee she will NEVER EVER bring a boy by to meet me, and it is all because of a gnome...or possibly 12...that appear in our yard every spring.

Ok, it innocently started as a joke, and a few years back. My Cody was totally in love with this former neighbors yard/garden that was a gnome bedecked delight...she really had a fantastic garden. so we started buying our own gnomes, and every spring we add another to our collection, never spending more than a few dollars on each....needless to say, they are a little tacky...add in his Big Mimi (his beloved great grandmother) who dares not visit without bringing a new gnome to his collection and you have a yard full of gnomes. Tomorrow is the first day of Spring, so out they came and he very carefully arranged them around the yard, peeking out behind a shrub or placed were they will be hidden (eventually) by flowers, he is 9 and really how many more magical years do i have left before he becomes a moody pre-teen then morphing into the "i was hatched, i do not have parents" teenager so yes i encourage the gnomey behavior! So happy Spring to all...and get out there and plant a gnome...or a dozen :)

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  1. I'm 40 and still have gnomes....nuff rock Cody (and mom xo)