Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Really, your kid is an honor student...well that's great...oh mine...yeah he has an extra chromosone...beat that!

It all comes from wanting answers...and boy howdy did i get my answer. See the cutie pie up above...that's Gavin, my youngest. he is a pip let me tell you! didn't expect to have a 4th kiddo but he sort of snuck past his father's vasectomy and well...boom there he is.

A difficult child at birth he continued with that trend through toddler-hood. Was diagnosed with autism at age 2...we cried, then got learning.

At age 6 he was diagnosed with epilepsy...we cried, got meds, then got learning.

At 7 he was thought to have a really huge named disorder but essentially it was because of large cafe au lait birth marks on his body...tests came back negative..we cried (this time with happiness) and took the suggestion of genetic testing..yah know, for shits and grins...nothing better to do with our time.

Yesterday, we found out Gavin has 47 chromosones (while the rest of the regular folk have 46) and a disorder called Isodicentric 15. I cried, and cried, and cried...ate some chocolate...and got learning.

Not much changes as of yet. We get new meds for the ADHD that has decided to rear it's ugly head (since his epilepsy is under made room for the ADHD to come on over) we get continued therapy...and we get to add a cardiologist to the list of doctors because with this new name, we magically get a possible heart condition, and we have to watch his kidneys.

Let it be said, when we do something in this house we do it ALL the way!!

for more information on Isodicentric 15 please visit

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  1. Hi Nicole.

    Whilst reading through your posts I thought how brill, you have BOYS and HENS and a fab sense of HUMOUR, just my kind of friend! I read on and learn about your emotional rollercoaster ride with Gorgeous Gavin!

    I struggle to understand why my son has ADHD, and what he has to cope with each day. Wiping his tears of frustration, anger and confusion! I love him so much and couldn't imagine life without him, but I imagine what life would be with out the ADHD constantly. I had a meeting in school today about his diagnosis and we go to the the ADHD nurse tomorrow for a medical regarding him trying some meds. I am sure there will be many times your family have tricky moments living with far more than you should have to.

    I admire your upbeat post and will enjoy following you, keep up being great Nicole.

    Thank you for 'sharing' Gavin with us. xxx

    PS Gosh how serious was all that LOL, Love your chicks too. I want mine to stay tiny. x