Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Time.....the dirt is calling me.

I can no longer ignore the siren call of the soil...i must plant! This weekend is seed starting weekend! so exciting! we have the table all set up in front of the window that gets the most sun during the day and have selected our seeds...nothing out of the normal veggies for us although we are trying pear tomatoes...they have lovely color!
Last night we used the last jar of our zucchini relish...there was much sadness. Baby Diva made sure we were going to plant extra zucchini this year as she has been known to just eat the relish out of the jar, it's kind of her favorite. we also used the last of the sweet pickles a few months back, lots of empty canning jars just sitting around waiting to be put to use! Looks like our new apple trees survived the winter! Cody planted them last year and is hoping for at least one apple that will be edible this season, we will be adding 2 dwarf peach trees this year....mmmmmm.
turned the compost over last looked pretty good, Brendan would like to get his vermipost bins up and running again so we will be looking for worms soon enough.
I love Spring :)

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