Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Brain Hurts!!!!

Today should have been a glorious sun filled day...SHOULD HAVE BEEN..but alas...it failed miserably. All was going well, toliets got scrubbed (why can't boys hit the toliet when they pee? i mean really are they dancing in there?) beds were stripped and changed up, chowder base was being made (that's chowdah if your from New England) and then....well, quite frankly the kids came home. The youngest had a bad day...there was some hair pulling, not his..he was the puller, his poor PT was the pullee..mental note to self: she gets a big present at the end of the year...i'm thinking wine OK there's more, and he is falling asleep in class...now granted he recently had a med change..oh and the fact he sleeps like CRAP but i don't know the real reason he falls asleep...boredom? narcolepsy (oh wait, he was diagnosed with that...ok scratch that one) growth spurt? bottom line, i'm not his neurologist nor do i play one on tv....everyone is going to have to wait patiently for his blood work results and that's that. BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE: orthodontist calls and claims to have left me a message several days ago (yeah, no..nice try) to let me know that my oldest son is going to need 3 teeth pulled before he gets his top braces on...ha ha ha funny joke...oh your not joking...dammit. So now i get the job of telling the Asperger's kid that well, getting your braces on isn't going to happen like the original plan...that you have memorized...yeah, your getting teeth pulled...and yes needles will be involved....somebody get the elephant tranquilizer gun and restraints because that is the only way he is going to go along with this let me tell you...(2nd mental note to self....i might want to buy 2 bottles of wine and self medicate)
OH BUT IF YOU ORDER NOW..YOU WILL GET THIS ADDED STRESS: Baby Diva is pulling the old "i don't want to go to dance class" just a few months before the giant "i just paid for 5 freakin' costumes to the tune of $60 a wack" dance recital...and why do you ask? because She's not in the mood" yarrrrrrggggghhhhhhh!!!!
Desperate request: i need a dairy queen blizzard so bad right now, if anyone is going....i like the PB cup one. Please deliver it to the fetal positioned under the kitchen table rocking back and forth crazy person on Da Hill. much thanks

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