Saturday, March 6, 2010

Sweet Sweet Maple Syrup...mmmmmm

It was the perfect pre-spring day today here in North Attleboro, the sun was out in full force, the temps ran into the 50's , birds singing, sap flowing....yes you heard me's that magical time of the year when it's time to make the syrup! Oh there is nothing like early season maple syrup, it's light and sweet and just screaming for pancakes!! We took a little trip (and i mean little, 2 minutes up the street) to our friend Dave and Ellen's house where they started making maple syrup as a hobby a few years back, each spring they roll the boat out of the huge shed and convert it to a sugar shack...they tap neihborhood trees when the weather starts to warm up and usually have a pretty good supply of sap. The wonderful thing is about this friendly and down to earth couple is that on the weekends they invite EVERYONE to come down and see what it takes to make that golden goodness. Scout troops, friends, kids from school (Ellen was my Cody's first grade teacher and is by far the most patient and caring teacher i have ever met...we just love her to bits) and just people passing by..they will take you by the hand and explain the entire process. You can tell this is something they enjoy doing...and quite frankly my family is so spoiled by their syrup they cannot even think of getting any at the grocery store...oh no, it's Cournoyer Syrup or nothing. Matter of fact, we have to buy the 1/2 gallon bottle!!! i use it in baking of all kinds and of course they are always willing to share a recipe or two with us.

So while i purchased our tub of syrup, Cody, Brendan and their friend Philip kept Jack the sap dog busy by playing fetch for a good 1/2 hour....that dog should sleep well tonight.

I stood staring at my flower beds and trees noticing the little buds and small green shoots gently poking their heads up to say hi to the sun and the possibilities of what is to come just filled me with such longing for the warmer days ahead.....oh wait, it's stick pick up day tomorrow with the teenagers....yah, not really longing for that....oh well, good with the bad right?


  1. Bummer! I didn't get to go this year!! :-(
    When I come down we have to go over so I can buy some..

  2. Diva what is your expected date of arrival? Just wondering so i can swamp out a bathroom and clear a path in Emily's room so you can get to the bed :)