Thursday, February 3, 2011

Tilda Swap Package has arrived!! YIPPEEEE!

When I opened the box everything was so beautifully wrapped! I almost hated to tear it apart, but I did...after a few minutes of jumping around for joy that I got something just for ME in the mail!
Look, another layer! I'm a sucker for excellent presentation of wrapped goodies! I had to spend a few minutes just gazing upon it! So nice!

Looky looky at all the cutie things! What shall I make with them? Hmmm!

Chocolate and my favorite tea! How did she know? Wait until the kids at school check out my lots o'love socks!

Pretty Pretty Pink Heart!

Thank you so much to Elizabeth for making such a nice swap box up for me! I had a challanging day to say the least and this was a welcome surprise when I got home from work! now to hide the chocolate from my teenage daughter :)


  1. Oh that is just adorable !! !! Yeah for you and Elizabeth !! !!

  2. Looks like you got an awesome box too! I loved mine and so enjoyed all the knitted things that you made for me. Of course the chocolate is always a treat, not to mention everything else that you put in my box!! Thank you! Thank you!! Luv ya, Jodi

  3. yeah Jodi I'm so happy you liked your goodies! I always have swap stress...will they like it, did I get it right, you know the usual stuff...but I had a great time putting yours together :)

  4. Awesome!! So glad for you -- mail (especially just for you) is always a special treat!! Good luck with hiding the chocolate...I suggest hiding it near the washing machine...HWK and TT would NEVER find it there in our house!! ;)

  5. Lovely package!! LURV the socks! Still anxiously awaiting my package..can't wait can't wait!! :-)