Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hello mission for you

I have offically been asked to be an "angel" for 2 different swaps I have been part of! whoo boy! I of course am happy to help, I can't think of anything more dissapointing then signing up for a swap, making a fabulous goodie box and then sititng there waiting, and waiting and waiting for yours to arrive only to be left out of the fun :(

I hope to have them both out by next week! what else is there for me to do on a rainy, cold, miserable winter day? Nothing better than a cup of tea and a little swap crafting!


  1. oh sweetie I didn't realize you'd been asked to be an angel for another swap as well ;'( you are an absolute angel for doing this and I'm very grateful - If it is of any help I've had to put together an angel package too - like you I hate thinking of people missing out.
    GGRRR to non swappers

  2. You should see my dining room's awash with craft stuff! it's no big deal, the other swap is just a yarn exchange with a few goodies, easy peasy lemon squeezy. I'm nearly done with's been a pleasure to help out.