Wednesday, February 2, 2011

keep on knitting keep on knitting

ooooh aaaaaahhh cable knitting! aren't I just the coolest?
Today I was snowed in...well iced in, it was the pits. The kids have just about had enough of this snow days off from school...and I agree. BUT I did manage to get some knitting done! I made the gloves the other day while sick on the couch watching bad bad bad daytime TV (yes, i was a slave to watching Maury...and i have to wonder if you are on the show for the 5th time and your still not sure who the father of your baby is after DNA testing 15 guys do you think you may have too much free time on your hands...just sayin) aaaaaaaaaaaaaanywaaaaaaaaaaaayyy I made the gloves, and still had tons of yarn left the hat was born! I think they came out rather nice. But I should have added a bit more to the middle as I do have a rather large sized head. to hold my big brain.....ok I just have a big head.

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  1. LOL that sounds a bit like our day time tv between Jeremy Kyle Dr Phil and Oprah I was very soon put off day time tv - wish I could knit tho :)