Wednesday, February 9, 2011

hey it's me!!!



  1. sorry, video was taken on my phone and it's a bit blurry....but you get the snowy picture.

  2. WOW WOW WOW look at all that glorious snow!! !! !!
    Thank you so much for taking this video of the snow and of your girls and to 'hear' you is amazing - you sound so American LOL - I guess that is because you ARE :) I felt the love of raspberries coming my way as I sit and bask in my sunshine summer xxx
    ps: make sure you add Auckland to your NZ holiday fund xxx

  3. your too funny! and I don't even have that much of a Boston accent either :) I'll just plan for a tour de New Zealand...which will require more saving!

  4. If you make it to New Zealand Im sure Cat and I can take you out for coffee... Im a coffee gal myself and am a cafe gal too... so get saving! Lovely to hear your voice and see the snow ... I love snow! my I must say the summers great ;-) Lisa