Monday, February 14, 2011

Some Girls Get Chocolate for Valentine's Day...I Get Beekeeping Supplies!

Today, I sat down with the Brushy Mountain Beekeeping Supply company and spoke with the most pleasant woman at 8:30 am and ordered my stuff...and it takes a LOT of stuff. I also ordered my Italian Bees from Beehavin Apiary in Smithfield RI...yes Italian Bees, from Georgia..go figure. We decided that naming all the bees was not a smart move, so we are just going to name the queen. ...drum roll please.....Snookie, from Jersey Shore...a most horrid reality (and I use that term very loosely) show. nice huh?


  1. hey..yah wanna touch my pouf?? hey i said touch it not mash it!!!!! *snookie...saturday night live..

    OMG crack me up...
    i'm back on high speed...wheeeeeeeee!!1

  2. yah wanna touch my pouf?? I said touch it not mash it!!!
    *snookie...saturday night live

    OMG diva...too funny
    Happy Valentines day to you..
    I'm on high speed again...wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  3. yah...and i'm so excited I posted twice...cuz i'm a freak..but you love me... :-)
    delete one...

  4. you crack me up Diva! oh the things I have learned about bees...did you know for instance that the queen will go out for a "flight" and will fly directly into a "swarm" which is just a fancy word for a bunch of horned up drones and they then proceed what they do...alot, and she can then store the male bee stuff in a seperate part of her body to then later use to fertalize eggs...or not, she controls it. weird huh?