Wednesday, July 7, 2010

round 2....bring on the hens!

Behold our Red Star Hens! 3 lovely ladies arrived today to replace our two Partridge Rocks that ended up being roosters! ugh! so the boys are being located to a nice farm a couple of towns over to live out the remainder of their lives among a large and more compliable bunch of ladies :)

So the new girls...Red Star...lovely breed, boy chicks are black, girls are yellow and we have 3 yellow fluffy little cottonballs bouncing around the temporary chick condo in the laundry room. We are a little concerned for one, she took a beating during transport and was a little more wobbly than I expected, she is eating and drinking so i think we are going to be ok. she is by far the smallest of the hens and we have named her Marsala. The biggest chick is Fajita and the middle lady is Yolko....this is what happens when you let the kids name them!

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