Friday, July 30, 2010

Brain Freeze Friday, celebrate with us!

Today was unlike any other day. This morning I declared it Brain Freeze Friday, which means we were going to have ice cream for lunch....just because we can. So I loaded up the kiddos and headed downtown to the most fabulous little ice cream shop called Sweetworks (it has a sister restaraunt down the street called SoupWorks...yummy food, never had a bad thing there!) But today we were throwing traditional lunch to the wind. After all, it's summer, we are slowly running out of fun things to do and trying to find one activity to make all the children happy is darn near impossible! Emily aka baby diva had an awesome hot fudge sundae with coffee ice cream, Cody went with the chocolate...but was still hungry so had to have one of their amazing gourmet was almost too cute to eat! Gavin isn't an ice cream guy so he feasted upon french fries, and I had a frozen iced coffee....which was like heaven in a cup! sooooooooo good! We were even nice and picked up a piece of fudge cake for the beloved (since the poor guy has to work....ha ha ha neener neener neener you have to work...oh that's not nice..must be coming off my sugar high )
Gavin with his french fries and Cody with his chocolate ice cream

Me and Baby Diva with our frozen lunch..and Cody's giant finger

Cody and his mud pie cupcake (mmm gummi worms)

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  1. Hi Nicole, this looks like a happy happy time!
    Off to throwing the notes with your name on it in the big giveaway bowl, fingers crossed for you. have a wonderful Tuesday. xxx