Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's all rainbows and ponies...la la la de dah!

So normally I'm a pretty bubbly little bundle of joy....but I do have my days. And I feel that I am entirely entitled to those days...lets's face it, my plate runith over most days: mini farm to run, house to clean, 2 kids with autism to deal with, 2 regular kids to deal with, cleaning, laundry, meal making...it can wear a girl down and I find about this time in the summer I start to get a little overwhelmed and miss the company of other adults. I don't count the 15 minutes I get to talk to them as they drop off thier children at my house for playdates (or vice versa..when I am the droppee) and I'm starting to get bogged down with requests of "so when are we going to the beach? can I have a friend over? why don't we have anything good to eat?" etc etc etc. I envy those who can sit and read a book or finish a project or clean their kitchen in less than 5 hours (i have to stop to chase down the youngest as he isn't good at staying put) I wish for the ablility to just pack everyone up at the last moment and go someplace fun...sigh....i'll get over it I suppose but as for today I've got those MID SUMMER BLUES...now if you will excuse me, there is a naked child running through the living room and some name calling on the 2nd floor...and I believe a cat just puked...ta!

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  1. Hee hee!!! I was trying to talk on the phone yesterday whilst clattering around unloading the dishwasher(A VERY OLD one!)which is next to the washing machine, who was really giving it some on a rather vigourous spin cycle, 1 son was tooting on his recorder, other son crashing his remote controlled car into my ankles and to top it all the cat was yelling at me to top up his food bowl! The person on the phone soon realised that I wasn't in the mood to talk about changing my gas supplier and soon hung up! Ha ha, X