Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Oh..are these the joys of parenthood they talk about..go figure!

We are week 2 into summer vacation from school and my kids finally hit the bored wall. It's been an up and down start to our summer, we have already had our fair share of friends over (it's a wonder, nobody ever offers to take MY kids..hmmm have to work on that) discovered that 2 of our "hens" are actually roosters (that problem has been taken care of, they leave for a farm next week, replacement chicks arrive today) teenage girl drama still reins in this house..and yesterday it hit 107 degrees outside! it was too hot to even go swimming in the pool...not good! My youngest has decided we all just stink and is very tired of being with us, he longs to go back to his routine at school...autism and vacation do not mix well, we spend most of our day trying to keep him happy and dressed :)

I have been hitting the ice cream waaaay to much as well and can pretty much forget about the binki body this summer...ha ha ha....wasn't that funny? 4 kids and this body reflects it!

I'm off camping in the wild woods this weekend with my little cub scout (more joy!) it will probably rain because that seems to be what happens whenever i go camping, hopefully the heat will break or I might just snap.

happy happy!

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