Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It's week 2 with the new chicks and they are growing fast and furious! They have started to feather in so they are half fluff and half feather and quite akward looking. Couple more weeks and I'll start letting them out in the chicken tractor for a little scratch and peck practice and to let the other 2 hens get a good look at them...safely...i'm hoping they are accepted nicely and we don't have a major "pecking order" issue!

So call me a sucker (SUCKER!) Cody convinced me to foster a shelter kitty. She sort of found us rather than us finding her. we were waiting for our cousin to come with the key to the shelter to let us in and suddenly there was a kitty next to us outside. I thought maybe she got out...Cody corrected me that there was no way a cat can escape..and when our cousin arrived she verified that no it wasn't a shelter cat. so a quick trip to the vet, a round of shots, de worming and ear cleaned and she needed a home. Sadly our animal shelters are so overcrowded so they look for foster homes and post pictures of the adoptees on their website....but she is such a sweet sweet girl (we named her Agnes...but call her Aggie) I have a bad feeling she might not be leaving our house too soon :)


  1. Awwww baby chicks! Mine are bigger than their 'Mum' now! X

  2. I know...they are so fluffy!!! i just posted a new picture of them..i let the kids name them, the other two hens are named Patty and Parmigina