Friday, July 9, 2010

i'm about to enter....the scouting zone

Ahhhhh yes, it's my big weekend of camping with Cody at scout camp. And of course we are in the middle of a heat wave...of course! why not! makes perfect sense doesn't it? So starting in about an hour I will be surrounded by sweaty, stinky, nose picking, booger flicking, bug spray reeking, scabbed kneed 10 year olds for 72 hours...oh and not to mention the teenage boy scout councilors whose deoderant usuage is questionable and whose laziness factor is HIGH...I expect when I get home to see a large, cold, pitcher of mojitos waiting for me and a big ass pile of grilled veggies for me to fall face first in.

FYI, Cody is beyond excited as it's also his birthday this weekend and we will be having a party at the campsite....sigh, it's all about him!

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