Friday, September 10, 2010

when life hands you them in for limes and make margaritas!

I saw this saying on a water bottle of all things
yesterday, and why I didn't immediatly buy the darn thing I have no idea. I have decided to adopt this saying as my new mantra....and this is why.

so as you may know my youngest cherub has some pretty kick ass medical issues. I thought I had things pretty well under control and was pleased with the progress he was making and getting him to sleep through the night. I had taken him for blood work to test for allergies upon the request of his chiropracter (whom, we love love love) thinking "he 's not allergic to food, heck we never saw any signs of it"

whoa baby was I wrong! No Dairy! No Peanuts! No Casein! No Gluten (ok that we had already taken care of no big surprise) No Lamb! (not an issue!) No Cheese of any kind! No Wheat! No Beef! No Alfalfa (really?) No Spelt! No Yogurt!

I'm floored, and baffled as to what this kid is going to eat. Autistic kids are usually challanging in the food department...but this puts a whole new spin on things. So this morning he started off his day with a lovely hot millet cereal with real maple syrup and almond milk..if anything his colon will be sparkly.

So here I am, back to label reading and research square one. Somebody say a little something for me 'cause I'm going to need it!

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