Monday, September 20, 2010

Barn Buddies

These gloves have nothing to do with the barn...but i knitted them and am darn proud of how they came out...i guess i'll wear them to the barn...that's the connection!

Cody gets to ride Mercedes...she is sweet as sweet can be :). And to the right is Gallahad listening to Gavin read a Thomas the Tank Engine book outloud...he may be a giant horse but he is such a softie!

Gavin and Pokey...Best Friends Forever (BFF's)


  1. OMG Diva...*sniff sniff* You did it!! And you didn't need me!! LOL They look awesome. Love the fall color. What yarn is that??

  2. Love the fingerless gloves!! And the color is fantastic. I can see that between you and Dawn I'm going to be guilt-ed, I mean inspired, to knit, knit, knit!

  3. it's terribly addictive!!! I blame Dawn entirely...and love her for it entirely! Oh and Diva I soooo need you, everytime I got stuck or frusterated i would ask myself "what would Dawn do?"
    FYI Melissa your blog is freakin' hysterical!!!