Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I really don't care what you eat....seriously.

So this story starts out with me going to the gynocologist....a most unpleasant and horrific event for any woman...I mean really who in their right minds gets happy about this? I like my Doc but well, it's unpleasant. So anyway, after being there forever I decide..."I'm getting a Frappe..caramel frappe because they are so darn yummy"

This was my decision, I wanted one, I'm getting one. end of story.

So in I go...order that bad boy and do a little happy dance (in my head) while my nice little order taker whips it up...oh yes I'll have whipped cream of course! As I turn to leave I run into an aquaintence getting lunch for herself. We exchange hellos and pleasantries, and then she launches into this very detailed reason of why she was there getting lunch and how she hasn't eaten all day and she has been really good about what she eats and so on and so forth as I stand there sucking down my frappe (it was melting, what could i do) listening to this woman justify her eating of her lunch.....ok.......i nodded in the appropriate places and tried not to make a weird face when brain freeze set in and it all ended with her large sized order being placed in front of her. We said our goodbyes and off I went. it wasn't until i started driving home that i wondered, who was she trying to convince about what she ate. Did I give her the impression I was judging her meal? I mean given the place where we were I wasn't expecting her to get a salad (although they do have nice salads and if you are a gluten free goddess like yours truley sometimes that is the only choice) Or was this her way of convincing herself that it was ok for her to eat it? Do they have less calories if you explain your purpose of eating them? I felt bad in a way that she felt that she had to do this. Are we so guilty about everything we do? sigh....i just sucked bottom of my frappe...and I can't say I feel very guilty at all. I made the choice, it's what I wanted, end of story.

yummy goodness........brain freeze.....mmmmm yummy goodness

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  1. I just ate 2 devil dogs....for lunch..washed down with a diet coke. I figure the zero calories in the DC balance out the devil dogs...I'm not looking for your approval...cuz i'm pretty sure you would have told me to teat the whole box. They were goooooooood!! LMAO