Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chick Road Trip

~~~~ Brendan with his main chick Yolk-0 ~~~~
Sitting at work yesterday (i'm manning the office while the secretary is on vacation, usually I am not sitting at all but chasing kids) I was chatting with another teacher when my friend Heather (and also a teacher) bursts in and starts quickly telling me about the lesson they are doing on farms....all the fun stuff and activities she has planned followed with "so can you bring a chicken to work tomorrow" Now there's something you don't get asked everyday. So I'm running home from work on Weds to grab one of the smaller girls (probably Fajita or possibly Yolk-0...definatly not Marsala as she is a brat) so that the preschool crowd can oooh and aaaahhh and observe the wonders of a chicken...I did warn Heather, they poop...and it's usually without warning, she has Lysol wipes on standby!

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