Thursday, May 13, 2010

Poultry in Motion

So today was a very interesting kind of day. I put the chicks out into their little "chick tractor" to get them some fresh air and get them used to being outside. When along came this lone turkey. Now it's not weird to see turkies in our backyard but they are usually in a large group. This one sort of circled the tractor, looking at the chicks (who were ok with this large bird) and quietly clucking at them. Then she proceeded to sit down and hang out with the chickens. Now I know...I can hear the "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW isn't that cute" and it would have been had this turkey not gotten all ninja on me when i went to put the chicks back in the house. Oh she was NOT happy. I got them in, and she wandered off. So I went to start dinner....only to discover this looking in at me:

A large turkey is stalking me, glaring at me with her beady little turkey eyes. I'm worried...does she think I have her babies? Does she have babies? Is she a flock reject? Did we just inherit a pet turkey! (we named her Sweet Giblets just in case)


  1. Oh bless her!!!

    I am feeling a bit sad and worried just now, as 6 of my chicks have just gone off to live on a lovely farm. I hope they will soon settle in and not miss their Mummy too much.


  2. Never fear! A BIG male turkey came and wisked her away (we named him Prince Charming)she was looking all sad the next morning then helloo...big turkey in the yard, he used his sweet turkey love talk and she was smitten. so we are now turkey free :)