Saturday, May 1, 2010

I cannot party like a rock star at night and then be a baseball parent in the morning...

Shocker....I had to much fun last night and paid dearly for it the next morning! Yuppers, I had to drag my very tired and hung over behind out of the sanctuary of my comfy bed, throw on some clothing and sunglasses and head out into the BRIGHT sunlight, coffee in hand, to play baseball with my son...ha ha ha..i had gone out the night before with other baseball parents so we kind of looked like some of the creatures from the Michael Jackson "Thriller" video stumbling and walking in a jerky manner around the field this morning. But we would smile and kind of sigh at each other every now and again...we made it, and it was an awesome game!

Then onto game 2...where i had the luxury of sitting in a nice seat with other nice mommies sipping our slushies (mine was lemon) and I did some knitting while once in a while looking up and screaming "GO CODY!!!" a most enjoyable afternoon..while I was gone the beloved scrubbed our back deck...we have company coming next weekend and for some odd reason, even though I have a list a mile long of things that MUST be done before they arrive (and let me tell you, the deck was not listed on there at all) he felt that it would be some kind of personal insult to them to have to sit on a dirty deck (which heeeelllo they are outside, hence why they are dirty) and enjoy the woods/fire/large bucket of wine...ooops that's for me and Dawn....bbq/luncheon whatever! GRRRRRRRRRRR! Men!!! if he wanted to scrub something I would have pointed him in the direction of the toliets that he and the other boys cannot seem to directly hit when using them and let him at the pee stains (ewwwwwwwwwie) instead of me having to do it. Buuuuuuttttttttt Noooooooooooooo i'm just a silly pracitcal woman! Tomorrow he is going to cut something down with a chainsaw..just because it's pointless and unnecessary.
I should have become a nun like my grandmother told me to :)

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