Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I will miss cookies no more!

oh cookies...how i have missed you....but not anymore! finally after trial and error and searching i have found a decent gluten free peanut butter cookie recipe! YES!!!!!! It's a yucky rainy day..perfect for baking cookies, so I entered the kitchen with determination and a mish mash of different recipes, i took what i liked from each and sha-zam I made my cookies ala peanut butter goodness. ohh how i have been enjoying them all afternoon with a cup of coffee, or two. the best part is my children all came home and ate some, not even suspecting that they were sans the gluten. victory! i'm saving a few for a midnight snack.

Anyone else have a good gluten free recipe or two? I am still in search of a good homemade cake..those packaged Betty Crocker ones taste like clay dough...gross!!!!

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