Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Ballad of Sweet Gibblets

I awoke this morning to see how the hens had made out being their first night out in their coop, only to discover that our old friend Sweet Gibblets the turkey had returned....uh oh. We figured the male (aka Prince Charming) had managed to woooo her away, but there she was, hunkered down next to the chickens waiting for her "babies" to come out. I'm starting to get more concerned for her mental she having an identity crisis? Does she think she is a chicken?? Is is a co-dependency thing? We will keep an eye on the situation (and hope that Prince Charming comes back to find her) but I'm thinking a call to animal control might be in order...just to make sure she is safe.

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  1. Only could only happen to you...LMAO