Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Play Ball!

I have been living on the baseball fields the last few weeks! So far so good, games have been exciting, weather has been freezing, you can find all the mommies bundled up against the cold with our blankets, sweatshirts and electric blankets (ok maybe not the last one..we are considering all buying Snuggies though) cheering our kids on! Gavin seems to like t-ball a little more this year but it definatly looses it's appeal after 2 innings. Cody is loving being catcher, he is even dabbling in pitching...he has a great team this year, the kids are all friendly and love to scream for each other (which is a bit deafing at times) Emily is just amazing...i'll get some pictures up soon, she is harder to capture on film. She is the ONLY girl in her age division, you can tell who she is by her ponytail on the field. The boys all have seem to accepted her as "just Em" and there has only been a few girly comments made (mostly by the younger newer kids) She hears them, and smiles her winning smile....then strikes them out one by one...."how ya like me now" she asks them. Ok so her chances of dating anytime soon is a bit strained...nobody wants to ask the girl out who just pummeled their ego....but I am soooo ok with that!

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