Thursday, April 22, 2010

Longest Week EVER!!!!!

I'm pretty sure I'm going to loose my mind this no really, I feel it just might happen.
Sooooooo Baby Diva (my eldest and only daughter) sprained her quad muscle in her we don't know how it happened so she was out of comission for the beginning of the week, missing dance and baseball and making her most cranky.
Gavin (aka Hoobie or Tribble Boy) just hates the lack of rountine, and try as I might...can't seem to do the same thing every day. Austism can really suck during vacations..he is currently crying at the window because the trash man hasn't been by yet to get our trash....and i have no idea when this will happen...grrrrrr.
the other two boys are just whiney. One has a cub scout project that he needs to get done, and god forbid he should follow any instructions (typical male!) so i'm looking at this glue and popsicle stick contraption that is supposed to be a bridge and I'm shaking my head as to how I'm going to fix this without having to set foot in a store (see note on Hoobie...not taking him out into public)
The oldest boy is mad. None of his friends seem to be around, of course he does wait until the last possible minute to make plans with them..but that (according to him) should not matter, they should be waiting for him to invite them over to play....i managed to wrangle a grandparent into taking him to the movies.
Sooo yeah, longest week ever and it's only Thursday!!!

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