Sunday, April 25, 2010

I blinked and the weekend was gone.

Ahhhh school vacation! I'm full of all kinds of wonderous bonding ideas at the beginning and at the end I would give my children to the first wandering band of gypsies that happen to go by our house (not that we get wandering gypsies all that often...but quite frankly it sounds nicer and more romantic than saying "i'm ready to put my kids out with the recycle bin")
Anyway, our big adventure this week was heading out to the Dr. Suess sculpture garden in Springfield. The day was perfect, not hot but blue skies and a nice breeze. It was a long ride, the youngest lost his cool after about an hour but we managed (ok, i threw a Happy Meal his way, it smoothed things over) and really enjoyed our day. There is also 4 different museums there as well, the boys really like the science/nature museum and baby diva was all about the sculpture and art, so a little something for everyone. Best part was they all fell asleep on the way home and I got to listen to what I wanted on the radio and was able to hold a conversation with my cousin Jen (we kidnapped her for the day...ha ha ha, she is still recovering I'm sure).

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