Sunday, April 4, 2010

Longest Day Ever! And it ain't over yet!

Well the boys were up waaaaay earlier than is decent and begging to get outside and hunt for eggs..i managed to put them off until Mummy could at least get a cup of coffee in her system and BAM they were out the door.....80 miles an hour flying around the yard yelping and screaming like a bunch of crazed banshees looking for trouble! It took me: 3 hours to find suitable egg stuffers/ 1 hour to stuff the eggs /and 30 minutes to hide them (with the help of my diva...who chose not to partipate in the hunt due to her advanced teen age.) and a whoping 5 minutes for it all to be done and over with. Now what? they asked....
so i tossed them outside to play....all day. we planted our peach trees and i got to rotatill the garden (ooooh me and power baby!) they practiced some baseball, managed to get them in the shower thankfully before the grandparents came over for cake in the afternoon and baby diva (emily) managed to get sunburned, fall asleep and miss most of the fun...sigh, when will she learn we are pale pasty people and sitting in the sun is not an activity we should really partake in..unless slathered with sunscreen approved people who live on the sun??
Well anyway, now it's 6 pm, a quick dinner...another bath for the youngest (filthy boy!) and they are bored, tired (the sugar rush is long gone) and cranky....ugh! School tomorrow!!! yipppeeee!!

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