Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The demise of the beloved Red Vaccuum.

Today Gavin and I (Hoobie and Mom!) will be performing open machine surgery on our beloved red vaccuum (did i spell that right? one c? ) No vaccuum (however you spell it) was ever loved more than ours...not only is it racing red..Gavin's favorite color, but it's something he just loves to obsess over. All my friends know that as soon as he walks through their door they better just move out of the way so he can find their sucking up of the dust apparatus (i'll go back to misspelling vaccuum) and comment on the size and color of it. It's his thing..however, do NOT turn it no no no. See some vaccums are just too loud or have a weird whining noise that puts the hair on his neck on edge...we had to go through several experimental vaccums before we found the beloved red dirt devil. It calms him to use it, and lets face it, i'm not going to argue if somebody else wants to run it around the floor...i'm not THAT crazy!

So yesterday it began to smoke, and a horrid burnt rubber smell filled the's only the belt and should be an easy fix...but i'm not what one might call mechanical and i might just make things worse. we shall see.


  1. I was horror struck when i saw the title...good gravy woman fix that vaccuum!!

  2. it didn't make it, i tried but it continued to smoke and then make a horrible sound. So i took him vaccum shopping, which he loved. Believe it or not he picked a GREEN's pretty snazzy and makes a nice quiet humming noise. I'll let you admire it when you come over