Friday, April 9, 2010

The Girls have arrived!

Tuesday afternoon the call came in from our Post Office Hello, just calling to let you know your chicks have arrived...peep peep". the kids happened to have that day off from school so we all bustled into the car (ok Baby Diva was elsewhere but i did have one of the boy's friends over, my second son Seth) and "went downtown to pick up some chicks" which my eldest son found hysterical...and i found a little creepy :)
We took our peeping box o'chicks home and got them settled in. We have 4 gorgeous Partridge Rock Hen chicks all fluffy and brown and little nutty...they just bounce around peeping, pooping and eating! We can already see that they are getting bigger and while we haven't figured out which one is which yet (their names are Nugget, Noodle, Parmagina and Patty) we can definatly see different personalities in all of them. The kids love going in for a Chick Check in the morning and thankfully the cats don't seem to have a clue they are here...or maybe they could care less..which is just fine by me!

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