Saturday, June 25, 2011

My summer project :)

This summer....I shall learn to make soap. I know I I have the time for this. But seriously I'm determined. My cousin Dawn over at The Little Farm That Could makes the most fabulous soap ever and has offered to teach me. But because I'm eager to learn...I've decided I should probably read up on it, I'm not sure what I'll do with Gavin while I'm working around cooking soap...hmm, the first thought was bringing a movie and plopping him on the couch with her husband and letting them bond....but being in a different house could put Gavin over the edge so that might not work out...then again, it just never knows :) Regardless, I'm going to grab a book from the library and get reading. At least I"ll have a little better idea of what she is talking about...i so prefer to watch the process, you know, being a "visual learner" and all!

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  1. Can you please teleport me to Maine so I can learn tooooooooooo