Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Farm is going Hollywood!!!

How Cool Is This???!!!!??? So the teen girl has started discussing her sixteenth birthday next summer (she actually turns 16 on Christmas Eve...but a party outside is a way better idea) and decided she wants an outdoor movie and a bunch of friends of course the Hubby's eye lights up because this would involve two of his favorite things: A Project he can "man up" and technology. He is practically giddy with the excitement of it all. Now there are some lovely companies here that will come and set one up for the night and then take it away when done...I like this concept, less resonsibility on my part...because you know who will be inflating this and taking it down and making sure it gets put away properly if we actually had one of our own...yup, that would me moi!

For now, I'll let him dream as he cruises the web for ideas and plots and plans away. I'll burst his bubble later. But seriously how cool would this be!!

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