Monday, June 27, 2011

first day of summer far so good!

Whew! so I survived day 1. it can only get easier from here! we had a gorgeous, warm, sunny day here on Da Hill and the kids had a fun time splashing around in the pool. I got to peek into the beehive this morning to see how things were going and it looks like the bees are VERY productive right now! We are still having issues with our little chicken Sour who seems to be the punching bag of the flock. poor thing, we can't leave her alone with the big girls for a second and they are pecking her to bits :( We are due to get 6 more chicks this week and it looks like the hubby may be making another run for the little ones to keep them safe. what can you do!

so it's summer and the kids are home, which means my knitting time is going to have to be at night when everyone is settled in. Emily and I are getting ready for our big road trip to Pennsylvania to dance nationals. I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

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  1. Yeah for the bees Boo to the chooks
    Our chooks along with the rain have made a MESS of our back lawn - so we've had to put them all together in the chicken coup so here is hoping our Sweet n Sour leave our Lavender and Hyacinth alone