Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tilda Swap! Time to "stalk" my partner!!!

I will NOT be sending my swap partner the above! oooh boy talk about a knitting project go wrong! I have named it Zombie Hen....because it's freaky looking!!

I signed up for a really cool swap and have been officially partnered with lovely Jodi in Colorado! I can't wait to get started on my project!!


  1. I love anything Tilda!
    I threw the sweet Nicole notes in the big giveaway hat, fingers crossed for YOU.
    Have a happy monday, no blue Monday xxx

  2. I LOVE Zombie Hen! You should sell them on Etsy!! Awesome, awesome, awesome -- totally unique and freaky-deaky!!

  3. She does have a certain something that says "look at me, fear me...loooove me" but no, she was a one shot son Cody stole her and she is living in his room now :)

  4. Yeah for Zombie Hen I think she is kinda cute in a zombie kind of way LOL.
    Hope you are enjoying the Tilda Heart Swap that Lisa and I have organized - I must say - so far so good on the organization part too and my parcel/s are in the post :)
    So weird to hear about snow storms when it is so hot here at the moment!