Thursday, January 20, 2011

More Snow?? Whhyyyyyyy!!????

Ah yes, another snow storm on it's way for Friday...oh joy, oh rapture because I don't have enough of the white stuff on the ground as is!!! Here on the Hill we officially have cabin fever, it's getting rather ugly 'round these parts. The kids are very sassy and the youngest has been a bit on the destructive side. I can't keep up with the mess the make, the floors need a good scrubbing and rumor has it that the children may have to go to school naked tomorrow or fashion their own clothing out of garbage bags if I don't do some laundry.

Just to make me even more nuts, the seed catalog and farm supply catalogs keep rolling in. I hate them. So pass the chocolate, I'm throwing in some laundry and making sure nobody gets carred away in the night by the dust bunnies living under the sofa (they are making plans to overthrow the house, I can hear them plotting now.)

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