Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Great Yarn Project of 2011

So here it is, January 2011..time to put my first resolution to work, I will use ALL of my existing yarn in the house and NOT purchase any until it is gone (see i said purchase..if the yarn fairy shows in the night and leaves or gifts me some yarn who am I to argue!)

I decided that I will dedicate a portion of my blog to whatever finished project I come up with...hopefully to inspire me to keep on going for fear of boring everyone to death :)
At the moment I am putting the finishing few inches onto a lovely scarf that I am knitting for me! The pattern is called The February Scarf and yes I am aware that I am knitting it in January...actually I started it in December but I don't think that will take anything away from it.
more to come.....I hope....this is going to require a lot of chocolate to keep me going.


  1. Diva..so hard to stick to that resolution when the brand new Knit Picks catalog showed up in the mail the other day...waaaaahhhhh!!!!

  2. I know :( but I was nearly taken out by an overturned tote full of yarn yesterday as it fell off a shelf in the craft closet....I must be strong!