Friday, August 20, 2010

It's been 14 years since I have had a full nights sleep...what an awful reality! Finally it's starting to catch up with me as I am so tired this week I could fall asleep standing up. Lately the youngest has taken to playing "midnight visitor" with me...of course that's just the time it I escort him back to bed every hour or so reminding him that "we are sleeping, it's night, I will see you in the morning" only to hit the pillow and within minutes hear the pitter patter of feet and feel the warm, stinko breath of an 8yr old in my face...ugh!

Meanwhile...the beloved snores next to me...oblivious to all around him, only to wake in the morning and go "hey Gavin slept through the night..isnt' that great" and then I punch him dead in the face.

No no no, not really, I don't do that...but boy howdy am I thinking it!!! So maybe the sand man will take pity on me and dump a truck load of the sleepy sand on Gavin and maybe I'll only get one or two " sleep with me" requests. I think these are the joys of parenthood they speak of in all those expert parenting books. oh that and poop being smeared on walls.....that's a joy too.

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