Friday, August 13, 2010

Baby Diva....not so much a baby anymore

So tonight I dropped off my beloved little girl (ok she is almost 15...and towers over me, but hey!) on her first official date...with a boy....whom i met for the first time at the drop off. I can't say who was more nervous; him, me or Emily. Of course I had been razzing her all day about it. Threatening to send her father instead of me (no mom pleeeeeeeeeeaaaase no) or pretending I was going with them...i even offered to share my popcorn...tee hee. then I said no of course i wouldn't sit with them...i'd be happy to sit a few rows back and yell "HAND CHECK...GET 'EM IN THE AIR BUDDY!" every few minutes, again, horror looks.

I packed up her little brother (who was rockin' his pajamas) and drove her over...I met the boy outside, he seems nice, it took all I had not to hand her a rosary and say "remember you are a child of Christ" but no...i restrained myself. Now I have 2 hours before I go and get her...I think i shall consume a gallon of Peanut Butter Paniac Ice Cream. sigh. why do they have to grow up???

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