Sunday, August 22, 2010

I'm going back to school...and I hope I get a "Bee"

for many years now i have been facinated with the hobby of beekeeping, but of course it seemed like such a huge project I certainly did not want to jump in without any kind of guidance! So this winter I will be enrolling myself in Bee University! It's a 6 week course that gives you the ins and outs of keeping bees...i'm so excited! The bee population is dwindling, i can vouch for that noticing a lack of bees in my backyard...and my backyard is a bee buffet with all the flowers and plants I have! It may not make a huge difference, but i feel that my little effort could, fresh honey! beeswax for soap and candles (which of course i'll have to learn to make...another course maybe?)

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