Thursday, March 17, 2011

Shamrock Shake....Diva Style!

It's that magical time of the year...the month of March, weather is getting warmer (well here in New England it is...Sorry New Zealand enjoy your Fall) little flowers are popping their heads out of the ground, the chickens are able to go back out and free range around the backyard and the Shamrock Shake returns to McDonalds Now, I am not a huge fan of McDonalds...their food is pretty gross and my kids have little to no interest in it..except for Gavin who loves their french fries. But I cannot resist the siren song of the Shamrock Shake..but I do it Diva Style. What does that mean exactly? Well I'll tell you, it's a little known Mickey D's secret that you can ask for a 1/2 chocolate, 1/2 green mint shake..and it tastes like a creme d'mint. so good. But, it is only available for the month of March, so you kind of have to get them before they are gone. In honor of St. Patrick's day I am having one for lunch....while wearing my orange tshirt...sorry, but I'm pretty sure my nice Scottish Gran could very well kick my butt from the beyond..I'm not taking any chances.


  1. Hey the Irish flag is orange white and green so you're kinda fitting in LOL
    Me - I have an Irish Gran

  2. We have a friend visiting from Chicago this weekend. I've shared this new addiction...and he's taking it back home with him. He did NOT, however, agree to the "Shamrock Shake - Diva Style" moniker... ;)