Monday, March 21, 2011

Happy Spring...Happy Knitting!

AAAAHHHH SPRING! It's so nice to see you back! We celebrated by placing our garden gnomes out....although I think instead of bringing us good luck they are bringing a little snow today..just some light stuff, nothing to get hysterical about.

So I decided that I am going to work on a LARGE knitting project over the summer, I'm going to knit my first ever blanket. I know, seems weird, nice weather coming and I'm knitting a blanket...well, my reasoning is I needed a project that I can put down and pick up when I have a chance that I can figure out where i left off without getting frusterated. I just ordered some lovely yarn and I have picked out my pattern that claims it's an "intermidiate" level...hopfully that is what I am. However, as usual, I do not have the correct size needles for this project since I am usually making smallish quick things. Today I'll have to venture out for the whopping big size 10 needles (dah dah daaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh)

first thing first...must consume coffee.


  1. coffee coffee coffee - I'm sipping my first for the day - instant though because I'm waiting on our beans delivery

  2. Aw, sweet post, Nicole. Do enjoy these first days of Spring! We actually have warmer weather and lots of sunshine.
    I threw the Nicole notes in the big giveaway hat, fingers crossed for you.
    Enjoy your Tuesday, mine is coming to an end xxxx