Thursday, October 28, 2010

i may never leave my bed again.

I got my new bedspread!!! whoooo hooo! took me forever to pick out a pattern, then of course they were always backordered/discontinued...oh the drama..but after months of waiting it arrived yesterday afternoon! Yes, it's heavy and wonderful for cold winter nights...which makes perfect sense why we have this weird week of hot weather (oh new england weather..damn you!!!) but ooooh it's so lovely to look at!

I'm a New England girl...I like the traditional colonial style :)


  1. damn...did you clean your room just for the photo???? LMAO....
    LURV it...where did you get it?? I don't want to copy you..i'm just nosy..spill it woman!!

  2. room is always clean (notice i only photo one side of the bed, all the crap is shoved on the other out of the way..hollah!) is where i ordered it from, lovely stuff...nice people!

  3. Nice!! And it looks lively in your room - love the traditional lines. I miss hardwood floors so bad!!

    I know what you mean about taking forever to find it. I just found a new one for me & HWK -- after 5 years -- we should host an old-comforter-burning/burial for Halloween! :P