Friday, June 18, 2010

When exactly did I give my daughter permission to grow up??

How did this happen? when did I blink? It was only yesterday I swear that I was getting her ready for 1st grade and now she just graduated from 8th grade?? When did she trade her groovy girl dolls for an iphone? why did i teach her to spell so she could text 24/7 (although the spelling she uses for texting was certainly NOT what the nuns taught her let me tell you...idk wht lol bcz!
so tonight is the graduation dance and I'm sprining my baby girl from school so that she can get all dolled up and her hair done. i'll try really really hard not to cry but i'm not making any promises, I did tell her I'll save the big cry for when she is no around and never in front of her friends.

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