Monday, June 21, 2010

My Chicken has an identity issue.

Our chicken, Nugget is her name, has decided to channel her inner rooster. She is most definatly NOT a rooster and is very much built like a hen...fluffy butt and all. HOWEVER since she is the biggest and has proclaimed herself ruler of the other hens (somehow I don't think there was a vote either, as the others don't look particularly thrilled with this development) she won out with brute force. It's up to her where they all go to look for buggy yummy treats...but the worst is....she is crowing, yuppers it's obnoxious.
it's not a full fledge cock-a-doodle-do...kind of a half assed attempt really and she mostly does it when we are outside and they are shut up in the big play area....she loves to socialize with the kids and will stand by the door giving it her all until one of the boys goes and lets her out.
I don't think the neighbors will be real happy with me. We decided this weekend to start letting them out later in the morning as not to bother anyone and on Sundays they have to "sleep in late" in the coop. Why can't i have normal pets??

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