Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I suspect somethings up....the teenagers are being nice.

It's easy to tell what time of the year it is in my house as suddenly my children all morph into perfect angels who clear the dinner table, bring down their dirty laundry and offer to read to their little brother without Mom screaming like a banshee or threatening to move them out into the unheated/no plumbing goat shed. :) Yup, Christmas is coming up fast and furious and just like every other year the budget is stretched tight, so I'm dipping into my giant collection of "crafts I though were really cool" box that I have saved all year. This weekend my darling daughter Emily and I will be undertaking the tedious job of making Baklavah...which is a royal pain to make but comes out so wonderful. I make it once a year...and if you miss out you miss out! My Dad has already put his order in...he's no fool.
ho ho ho....

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  1. ugh...you go girl..no baklava here this year...i'm all about the ease of Stollen....ya...mmmm